A Conversation with Amethyst

A Conversation with Amethyst

I am a very well known crystal and I am part of the Quartz family.


My colour varies from lavender to a deep purple and I am known as a very spiritual, calming and wise crystal.

I go back to Ancient civilisations and have been celebrated with many cultures who understood my healing abilities.

Since 25,000 BC Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians utilised and respected my healing prowess, as I am known to calm the mind, offer protection and with meditation I offer a deeper level of understanding and tranquility, within offering you more insights spiritually.

I am a high frequency crystal as I promote Love of the Divine and spiritual wisdoms. I also work beautifully with other crystals but by far I deeply resonate with Rose Quartz as together we balance both the Divine Feminine and Masculine aspects within.

On a physical level I can aid with healthy cell regeneration, encouraging a more soothing sleep and promote hormonal balance, and yes, I am known to prevent drunkenness and have a sobering effect on overindulgence helping with addictions and emotional blockages.

I work to bring calmness, clarity, groundedness, fearlessness and deep transformation into one’s life. I ask you to trust your own discernment and intuitive abilities and open you up to your own super powers. I am known to help you open your third eye and offer varying perceptions of truth.

So wear me in jewelry pieces, meditation with me is a blast, whether you chose me in tumbled form or natural clusters, my vibe is still strong. You can place me anywhere in the work space or home environment, as my energy and frequency is to enable you to leap with faith, trust and a higher spiritual understanding of your magnificence.

I am a powerhouse of a crystal and wish only for you love, guidance and protection as you navigate through life.


Love Amethyst


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