a Conversation with Larimar


A Conversation With Larimar

It is my heartfelt desire to shed light on my unique healing powers and abilities and how I can assist you on your own journey and spiritual awareness.
Firstly I must dispel some misunderstandings about my existence. I have been around far longer that what is assumed, eons actually. It is said I am a relatively new find to the crystal family and linked more to the New Age as I am very spiritual in nature. I am actually ancient and very well known to the peoples of the Ancient Civilisations of Atlantis.
I was primarily worn by the High Priestesses of the Healing Temples. I was fashioned as ornamental pendants worn around the necks of the Priestesses. I enhanced their communication with the Celestial Beings and strengthened their love for Mother Earth. If you look closely at me, I am marbled light blue in colour. I may remind you of a beautiful blue sky or calm clear water.
And therein lies my exceptional healing powers. I am a conduit between the Divine Source of the Universe and a deep connection to Mother Earth, where we meet and balance is in the Heart Chakra.
Therefore I can offer you a connection and a pathway to the Higher Realms enabling you to seek higher truths of your existence on a spiritual level, as you learn to honour your own Divine Birthright and inner light, and to connect you to your angels that guard and protect you.
I will instil in you a love of Mother Earth, appreciating her profound beauty. Forests, rivers, lakes, desert, mountains and the ocean all of her divine creation.
I am mesmerising to look at as I am gentle and tranquil in nature and will impart great peace and calm into your psyche.
I will calm any anxiety and nervousness that you maybe experiencing, and soothe any form of emotional trauma that you may be feeling. I am a reminder to stay in your heart.
I work well with a few other semi precious stones, in particular Blue Topaz, Rainbow Moonstone and Rose Quartz.
On a subtle energetic level I am here to support the opening of your Crown Chakra to receive messages and guidance. I will stimulate your third eye to be more intuitive, gently calm your Throat Chakra to help speak more authentically and restore love and faith into your heart. I will work on restoring self power back into your solar plexus, and help to ground you deeply to the earth and the Devic Realm.
I am referred to as The Dolphin Stone as I resonate in harmony with these beautiful ceteceans.
So as we move into more sovereignty and self empowerment through these interesting times and as the Earth moves into new frequencies allow Larimar to be of service with her wisdoms and she guides you with faith and joy.



phone 0432 235 803

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