amazonite - the warrior stone

Amazonite – The Warrior Stone

Hello I am Amazonite and I am here to share with you some of my attributes and magical healing powers. I am a crystal that is all about self empowerment and hope. I will instil joy into your heart, and balance and heal areas within that are imbalanced and fractured.
I am a wise old crystal and I am here at your service whenever needed.
I was treasured and honoured by the fierce Amazonian Women, and hence this is where my name is derived, not from the Amazon Basin, as it has been assumed.
The Amazon Women were female warriors known during Ancient times, they were tall, beautiful, proud female soldiers that were known for their battle skills in many forms of weaponry, especially archery and spear throwing, and were adept horse riders.
Their existence at that time was the preservation of The Divine Feminine rebelling against sexism. They fought to preserve the Matriarchial society at whatever cost, as they worshipped the Goddess, the mystical, the magic and supernatural.
They fiercely fought to maintain and protect their freedoms, rights and beliefs, sadly from Patriarchial societies, as they were labelled wild, dangerous and unnatural women, and in time their demise was inevitable.
I am the crystal to embrace when one is needing to step into their power, as I balance the feminine and masculine energies, creating harmony within your heart, soul and psyche, as I embody the strength of The Amazonian Female Warrior.
I inspire loyalty, justice, honesty, truth, courage and trust. I carry a deep respect for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. I am called The Stone of Hope, as I help put a positive spin on life dispelling negative energy, and I have the ability to calm the brain and nervous system down, so I could also be called the Prozac of the crystal world.
I am also associated with money, luck and success, and also new business ventures, and I am also referenced as The Stone of Abundance.
Fear and agitation do not survive around me as I radiate warmth, love and harmony.
So allow me to enter your life to support you on whatever you may need, with me you will know you are always loved, supported and safe.

Blessings of Love Amazonite