Here is a guide to some of the semi precious gemstones that have captivated and mesmerised me not only for their absolute beauty but for the energy and healing that they impart.



Amazonite – A Stone of Courage

Also known as a stone of truth. Empowers one to search the self and discover owns own truths and integrity. Amazonite opens up the heart chakra to heal past traumas, and is helpful with filtering out stresses and soothing and calming the emotions.


Amethyst – A Stone of Wisdom

Amethyst teaches us to trust the process of life and believe in our own intuition. It guides with a gentle spiritual awareness, opening our third eye, and allowing us to follow our own inner compass.


Aquamarine – A Stone of Courage and Protection

Aquamarine is calming, soothing and cleansing and inspires truth, trust and letting go.In ancient lore aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, and was used by sailors as protection over water.Also considered a stone of beauty and happiness.


Blue Chalcedony – A Stone of Serenity

Blue Chalcedony is subtle, mystical, cool and serene. It invokes a stillness and calm to soothe the soul. It’s energy restores balance and allows healing on the inner child.


Blue Lace Agate – A Stone of Communication

Helps those who have difficulty being heard by others, or who need confidence. It is a soothing and nurturing stone, that will bring calmness and peace of mind.


Blue Topaz – A Stone of Joy

Blue topaz vibrates joy, generosity, abundance and good health. It is known as the stone of true love and good fortune and allows one to e press themselves with ease and grace.


Chrysocolla – A Stone Of Alignment

Chrysocolla energises all the meridians in the body, offering balance and protection, particularly around the heart. Enhances self confidence, personal power and boundaries and inspires creativity.


Citrine – A Stone of Abundance

Citrine activates our power centre, allowing us to see the sunshine in life, and the belief we can create through joy and manifest our dreams. It keeps negativity at bay and encourage happiness and positivity.


Clear Quartz – A Stone of Transformation

Clear quartz is a master healer and energy amplifier allowing more focus and clarity into your mind. Increases spiritual wisdom, and can accelerate the fulfillment of one’s prayers, known as the stone of power.


Labradorite – A Stone of Magic

Labradorite is mystical and magical. Known as the Shamans Stone, it is highly protective of your energy field, preventing energy leaks and supporting your auric field. Helps to release past fears and allows you to tap into your own magic.


Larimar – A Stone of Soul Connection

Larimar is a beautiful heart stone, promoting peace, tranquility and harmony into your world. It allows you to connect to your souls purpose with joy. Said to contain the hidden secrets from Atlantis.


Lapis Lazuli – A Stone of Truth

Lapis Lazuli encourages taking charge of your life as it reveals inner truths, self awareness and allows clear self expression. Lapis was very much favoured by the Ancients particularly Egyptian Royalty.


Onyx – A Stone of Strength

Onyx provides strength and support during vulnerable times in ones life. It encourages personal growth, stamina and understanding of ones journey and the confidence to see positive outcomes.


Rainbow Moonstone – A Stone of Wisdom

Rainbow moonstone is a powerful balancer of working in alignment with the a Divine Feminine.

It allows you to step into your power, leaving your fears behind, and calming emotional stress , and moving into new beginnings.


Rhodochrosite – A Stone of Heart Balancing

Rhodochrosite is a very powerful crystal to heal the heart of all past trauma. It will bring balance back into the heart with clarity and understanding, and will open the channels in receiving and giving love. A beautiful stone of positivity.


Rose Quartz – A Stone of the Heart

Rose quartz teaches us unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion. A true heart opener, offering self kindness, trust and harmony. Will attract love into your world.


Turquoise – A stone of Ancient Wisdoms

Turquoise is perhaps the oldest stone in man’s history. The talisman of kings,shamans and warriors. It is considered a healing and protective stone that enhances courage in the wearer. It is also said to attract love, friendship, money and luck.


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