It is important to care for your crystals by cleansing them frequently. Crystals are carriers of light, which means they will absorb energy that surrounds them.


So here are some suggestions on how to care and cleanse them.


  • Moonlight whether it is a full moon, or not, crystals will enjoy the lunar bath.


  • Sunlight, but not for long periods, as the sun may fade some of the crystals colours.


  • Starlight is also a very effective cleansing tool for your crystals and will add sparkle to your

    beautiful orbs.


  • Place your crystals in your garden or pot plants, they will enjoy the earthing benefits.


  • Smudging with sage or palo Santo, as the smoke has a purifying benefits.


  • Frankincense, which is my personal favourite, whether you use the resin on charcoal, or

    incense, your crystals will be thankful for the infusion of love.


  • Aurora Moon Space Clearing Spray, is effective as it contains sage, and some people may be

   adverse to using anything that smokes, particularly around children.


  • Setting intentions by asking your crystals to return to their highest healing vibration is also very



  • Full Moon rituals are also very powerful as you can also programme your crystals to bring in

    what you wish for.


  • Personally I am not a fan of washing your crystals in water and also salt water. This method can

    be damaging to some in the crystalline world and some jewellery, but if you feel this method

     works best for you then go for it.


  • Another favourite of mine, is by telling your crystals that you love them, and I can guarantee

    they smile back.