Frankincense and Modern Day Uses

Considered as food for the Gods, used for purposes of both spiritual and mental level for purification,meditation, spiritual understanding, focus of intent, courage, protection, helping to overcome fear, negative feelings, loss, grief and the development of compassion.

Frankincense also aids in the following:
* slowing down and deepening of breathe
* soothing the spirit and deep relaxation * perfect for use during meditation as it quietens the mind
* enhances positive mood, mental perception and clarity and memory
* helps to relieve anxiety and reducing negative self talk
* purifying the home space to clear away negative energies
* repels mosquitoes, sand flies and moths
* de moulds bathroom, killing germs and bacteria
* decalcifies the pineal and pituitary glands, which in turn opens the third eye, allowing for clear Insights into ones path.
* both frankincense and myrrh have anti ageing benefits for the skin. Rosehip oil is good for a Carrier oil for the face ( 5 to 15 drop) and sweet almond oil is an excellent carrier oil for the body.
* invokes the highest vibration of divine love



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