easter blessings




With Easter just around the corner, we can embrace the spiritual beliefs of this Sacred Holiday, with the symbolism of Resurrection and Ascension.
With the recent March Equinox and the movement of the Sun into Aries reminding us it was the time to set new intentions, fresh starts, letting go of some old behaviours and setting down new beginnings.
With Easter we are consolidating, renewing, rebirthing, revitalising and building momentum around this as a natural cycle of growth.
Interesting how we symbolise Easter with eggs, which is a representation of rebirth, new life, bringing forth, hope, joy and forgiveness.
Some practices we can implement into our daily life’s are as follows:
  • Honouring self and others with respect, kindness and compassion.
  • The daily practice of gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness.
  • Balancing the mind with the heart.
  • Take time in nature to reset, trees, water and fresh air refuel our systems.
  • Daily practice of being grounded, being present in your presence.
  • Laugh and stay positive as this lifts your frequency and vibration.
  • Take time out for you, you cannot give from an empty vessel.
  • Hydrate your body, move your body and feed your body healthy fuel.
Crystals that you can work with during this time to activate Higher Consciousness and Awareness are:

Selenite – Represents spiritual purity and the messenger of the light.
Clear Quartz – An amplifier and Master Healer
Lemurian Seed -Brings in the frequency of Light and Love
Apophyllite – Aids spiritual healing on a deep soul level

Enjoy Easter, enjoy the chocolate eggs, enjoy your family and enjoy time out. And most of all enjoy recreating a more love filled version of yourself.