new beginnings



With the advent of the March Equinox, we have a representation and acknowledgement of growth and expansion, which is a natural state of evolution for our being.
We all go through variances of renewal, reconstruction, repair and rebirth. It’s how we grow and evolve as we experience our physical presence.
The astrological New Year begins on March 20th, which many astrologers consider the real New Year.
So with the entry of Aries a sign of hope, drive and desire and the March Equinox, marks the start of the natural and cyclical Year.
This is the time to be planting the seeds for new beginnings, new realities, new intentions and fresh starts.
What patterns and behaviours no longer serve you, what is it you wish to create and manifest in the coming year. Get clear with your intentions, set some achievable goals, practice gratitude and appreciation often, set some rituals and make sure to have a good laugh daily and go for it. Remember it’s your life you deserve the very best and the universe is on your side.
Mother Earth is here to support and serve you with nature and offering her crystalline beauties to be of service. So here are some suggestions that can love and support you on your journey this year.

Rainbow Moonstone – Connects us to Divine Inspiration and trusting our own intuition.
Clear Quartz –  Has great healing powers. It offers clarity and will also amplify the power of other crystals.
Amazonite – Brings in a calming effect for the soul and spirit. It imparts balance and harmony, and allows confidence as we move forward.
Labradorite – Is a mystic stone of transformation and magic. Protects against negative energies, aids confidence, awareness and intuition.
Green Aventurine – Is known as the lucky giver, and is known to manifest money. It is a beautiful heart healer, brings wellbeing, emotional peace and hope.

Plant your new seeds let them bloom with love, beauty and hope

Bringing to you the crystals that will allow you to create a new path for yourself

“I am excited to begin my journey”

Clear Quartz (Clarity and Focus)

Green Aventurine (Begin the new)

Rainbow Moonstone (New Beginnings)

Labradorite ( Magic)

Amazonite (Hope Success, Truth)