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Lemurian Seed Crystal is a master crystal that can give multi level healing in your body, heart, mind and spirit. It has a powerful, soothing and gentle energy that can heal ailments and disorders, powerful meditation tool, brings in the frequency of love and light. Lemurian Seed crystals have etched striations (Akashic Lines) on all side facets. It is believed to be sent to Earth by the High Priestesses of Lemuria, the lost and sacred land which existed millions of years ago.  The civilization was very advanced,  and the Lemurians possessed a much higher consciousness. Lemurian Seed Crystal is believed to hold the rich and powerful spiritual knowledge of the Lemurians. The pale pink colouring is due to a dusting of Hematite during the growth process and is attuned to the pink flame of unconditional, compassionate love and activating the light body heart chakra.  Sourced from Brazil.

Length: 12 cm

Width: 4 cm

Weight: 182 grams

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