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lso known as Sacred Seven or Melody’s Stone, Super Seven is made up of seven gemstones that naturally occur together – Amethyst, Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Cacoxenite, Rutile, Geothite and Lepidocrocite and embodies all their spiritual properties. This unique mineral only has one small locality in the entire world, the Espiritu Santo region of Brazil, just north of Rio De Janeiro. Super Seven is said to have a vibration that links all humanity together, and is a very potent and healing stone. Brings protection, release of negative emotions and past patterns, and purification of the soul, allowing you to reach a place of clarity, focus, creativity and positivity.

Amethyst – Calming energy, changes negative to positive energy, enhances intuition and psychic abilities.

Clear Quartz – The Master Healer of the crystal world, encourages focus and clarity.

Smoky Quartz – Is grounding and centering, deep connection back to Mother Earth.

Cacoxenite – Regarded as a stone of Ascension to invite spiritual enlightenment with its high vibration.

Goethite – A powerful grounding stone, works by releasing emotional blockages.

Lepidocrocite – A calming and enthusiastic stones aids depression,  a joyful stone that works with the heart.

Rutile Quartz – Excellent for love within relationships and brings strength. Increases self confidence.

Length: 7.5 cm

Width: 7 cm

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