Rose Quartz the Rock Star

If there was only one crystal that I was allowed to own it would be hands down Rose Quartz.


This beautiful gentle pink orb, is here to remind us to live our lives with LOVE.


It is a stone of the heart, teaching us unconditional love and inner beauty.

It’s energies radiate outwards to balance and harmonise the Heart Chakra allowing us to dissolve old emotional wounds, fears, hurts and resentments. It teaches us compassion and forgiveness of self, tenderness, nourishment of soul, inner peace and comfort.

The heart meridian moves love energy throughout our whole body.  This energy in turn stimulates all other meridians in the physical and emotional planes.  The way of the heart is to live your life through 


kindness, compassion and without judgement of yourself and others.

The heart is the seat of the soul, and Rose Quartz is a beautiful reminder and invitation of love on all levels.  By stimulating the heart to its own essence and beauty, it invites a deep sense of self worth, contentment, compassion and allowing love to flow freely in both giving and receiving.  It is a stone that inspires beauty and appreciation, in oneself, in others and in nature and the environment.

It was prized in ancient cultures for its beautification benefits having been recovered in Egyptian tombs, and was also honoured by Tibetan and Chinese cultures as an elixir to beauty. Rose Quartz was also used as a love token as early as 600BC and still to this day is the stone of romance, attracting new love, acceptance of self, and enabling one to give and receive love freely.

Its frequency and vibration is a constant reminder to live a life filled with love, balance and peace.

So whether you prefer tumbled, polished or raw stones its essence and message is still the same LOVE.