Welcome lovely souls to the shared insights and thoughts as we learn to traverse the energy downloads with understanding and grace and utilise the beautiful gifts that Mother Earth has lent us with the use of crystals.

Its is now Perfect timing to be setting new intentions particularly around our self talk.

The current energies are extremely supportive and encouraging in helping us resolve our old beliefs, conditioning and suppressive patterning that has disabled us for so long.

It is literally time for a new soul song one that is more befitting for all that is to come.

Our journeys from 2012 through to 2020 have given us enormous opportunities for huge growth and transformation. Although many of the situations and experiences were to say the least   quite traumatising. But as always there is  light at the end of the tunnel, even though the last year had many of us on our knees.

Why we ask all the pain and hurt, but we are moving into a different level of experience and consciousness on mass levels, and quite literally our old stories are no longer valid.

Life’s journeys up until now have highlighted much of our negative self beliefs, a microscopic delve into our psyche to see that we are not really in alignment with love and the shake up we had to go through was more about allowing these restrictive thoughts, habits and patterns to be released so we can truly dance to a more deserving tune.

So with this in mind which crystal is calling out to us to review and reset, of course the kind, gentle and compassionate Rose Quartz.

How interesting that Rose Quartz is such an accessible and bountiful crystal and this divine pink orb is here to remind us that we must lead with our hearts. She whispers in our ear that love begins with self on all levels, that one can only lead a true and authentic life with love in your heart.

So hear the call of Rose Quartz and dance and sing with her, her song of LOVE.