Organite is a result of a chemical reaction when we combine specific Quartz Crystals, Metals and Polyester Resin. The resulting material or Organite, transmutes non ionic or Organite, transmutes non ionic radiation and Deadly ORgone (DOR) into natural healing, organic, Positive ORgone energy (POR). This happens as soon as the matrix of crystals and metals bind together within the polyester resin. During the delicate curing process as the resin shrinks in its mold, while doing so it places immense pressure on the crystals, which causes the crystal’s end points to be polarised electrically. This is called the piezo electrical effect, thus making the Organite a strong positive energy generator. The metal pieces within the resin attract negative ambient energy (DOR) to the Organite, where it is then polarised and transformed into more natural healing organic energy (POR). Thus acting as a self sustaining ambient energy filter. This is extremely significant because Organite effectively stops negative energy right at its source. Since all living organisms and the movement of life is made up of electrical charges, it changes the negative energies (DOR) within us and our environment as well.


Our modern life of so called convenience has led us to a dependency on technology which has been proven to create too much negative ambient energy (DOR) for nature to reconvert back into positive energy (POR). We have simply over saturated our living environments with (DOR). Microwaves emitted from our cell phones, all our computer devices, WIFI, lighting fixtures, HD TV’s and other standard household modern technologies have the same cancer causing effects as the large cell phone and electrical towers albeit on a much smaller level but just as harmful and deadly with long term exposure.


Being at such close proximity to the non ionic radiation emitted from these modern technologies impacts on our bodies natural ability to function keeping us at a low unhealthy vibration or entropic state, effecting us on a molecular level.


Most of us live in cities where we are now bombarded by positive ions from all directions. Organite filters this non ionic radiation by polarising the charge and converting the positive ions into negatively charged ions. We feel great when we leave a city for the beach or nature walking in the forest. This is because these areas in nature are the centres for healthy negative ions which both are calmly quiet and heal us from that stillness. As we do not always have a chance to restore ourselves in the beach or forests, with Organite we are able to now bring these healing ions from nature with us.



Uses of Organite:

Organite placed around your living spaces particularly near computers and televisions will have a beneficial impact. Organite’s calming effect will help sleep, meditation, helps with confusion and anxiety, and curtail the effect of unnecessary stress. Organite is also safe for pets as well.


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