Crystals are gifts from Mother Earth that have the ability to heal, protect and guide us on our journeys of love and transformation.


While each crystal is a visual masterpiece to behold unto itself, there is more to a stone than simply beauty.


The crystalline structure means that all parts of the Crystal are vibrating at the same frequency – which is another way of saying that a crystal  is in constant harmony with itself.


As humans  we have the ability to program crystals with intentions which will literally become held within the high vibrations resonating in the crystal.


Crystals are powerful friends and tools for unlimited manifestation, and if used with respect and love, can help us create the same harmony within ourselves as they do.


Crystals aids in many forms of healing and will love and support you, and their presence in your life will remind you that self love and respect of self are essential for your utmost wellbeing for you to flourish.


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